Green to Greener

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are of paramount importance for Select Catering. We are committed to an improvement of how raw materials and waste streams are dealt with. Striving for a reduction of the ecological footprint is paramount. The use of vegetable alternatives and making optimum use of the seasons and local produce form the basis of our culinary proposals.


Select Catering works a great deal together with local suppliers. Our menus are based on seasonal products with relatively more vegetable ingredients. By purchasing whole vegetables instead of pre-cut products, use can also be made of the leftovers. Beside we try to come up with good alternatives as much as possible in order to choose for the sustainable option. An example for this is our 100% vegetarian lunch or dinner.



In order to fight against food waste, we work together with INSTOCK. Every day they offer a diversity of products which normally would be wasted. We process these products in our lunch menus, such as soups, quiches, sandwiches but also in our dinner menus. Our ‘No waste menu’ is a surprise menu, which is inspired and created based on the offer of rescued and imperfect products.



We often get asked by our clients to make use of disposable tableware. To meet this request, we always make use of biodegradable disposables, made of natural or residual materials. The main brands we work with are; Symbiose by The Jane, Natural Tableware, Hampi en Sucadrops. In addition, we make as little use as possible of extra materials such as skewers and straws.



At Select Catering, we have chosen to keep our distribution in-house at a central location in Badhoevedorp. Our communications with the head of the distribution warehouse are direct and with one central distribution location, our logistical planning is efficient. By covering as few kilometers as possible, keeping loading volumes high, routes short and combining transport we are contributing to an environmentally conscious world.



Our sustainability approach is not only limited to our food purchasing policy. Waste processing is also an important aspect of our approach, in which waste separation plays an important part. At every event we create a collection and distribution chain for biodegradable waste (GFT), glass, paper, plastic and residual waste. The event branch still uses a lot of plastic, which we try to reduce as much as possible. For the plastic foil around our transport trolleys and in the kitchen recyclable bins we use bio based alternatives.